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Does God Exist?

Does God Exist? Deduction

Shaykh Wesam Charkawi

Does He - or - does He not exist? That is the question so many people debate and argue about. In this concise video, Sheikh Wesam Charkawi explains by way of deduction, why God existing is not only a reasonable belief, but a necessary one.

Does God Exist? | Non/e

Shaykh Wesam Charkawi

If the origin of everything that exists is non-existence, and this was to regress forever, then no thing would ever come to exist. This would only cease if there was a being whose essence is existence. 

Does God Exist? | Evil

Shaykh Wesam Charkawi

Evil has always been one of the major components that has driven many to deny God's existence. This video provides a unique and logical argument as to why that specific basis of denying God is unfounded. 

Does God Exist? | Infinite Regress

Shaykh Wesam Charkawi

Infinite regress is one of the most potent arguments for God existence. It is the reason why philosophers have occupied many pages dedicated to the concept.

Does God Exist? | Cause

Professor Lane Craig

The Kalam Cosmological argument is one that Lane Craig makes reference to. The argument was one proposed by Abu Hamid al-Ghazali, an argument that has long troubled philosophers.

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